How does Musique Solutions work?

We at Musique Solutions help independent artists grow their music career by getting their songs heard by playlist curators across the globe. Our network of independent curators own and manage hundreds of active playlists.
Once you start a campaign with us, your song will be sent to the curators for review and placement.

Is Musique Solutions legit?

We operate in accordance with Spotify’s Terms & Conditions in order to protect the integrity of our artists and curators.

Do you sell streams, followers or plays?

No. We distribute your music to third-party curators in the hopes that it will be included on one or more playlists, and we then leave it up to the users of Spotify to decide whether or not they like it.

Why should I go for Spotify promotion?

When you have the right marketing strategies music promotions can help you reach big heights. When an artist decide to do promotion and be ready to spent money on it, it means that he believes in his work and is serious about it. We really do understand that feeling and wanted to help our artists to get further a lot faster.

For how long each campaign will run?

We have campaigns that run for one to two months. It is totally up-to our curators to decide if the song can remain in the playlist after the campaign period.

Is there any selection criteria for songs?

We work with almost all the main genres. If the song is not meeting the minimum quality requirements, the curators will send back the song and we will be giving a full refund to the customer in such cases. Please understand that we are not only committed to the success of the artists but also to the quality of our playlists.

Who is managing the playlists?

Our big network of curators own the playlists and they are managing them. Musiquesolutions team will ensure that the customer is getting the promised number of playlists and playlist followers based on the package selected.

Can I submit another song if my song is rejected by the curator?

Definitely, we are always keen on helping the independent artists across the globe and we will always try our best to support them.

What genres do you support?

Our curators are working with almost all the main genres like Hiphop, Pop, Alternative/Rock, R&B, EDM, Country etc.. and many others

Do you sell streams?

No, and if someone does, they might be using artificial methods to generate streams which will put your song at risk. We will simply send your song to legit curators for review and playlist placement. We are very careful when it comes to our curators and the playlists they own.

How will I know if the order is processed successfully?

Once the order is placed, within 24-48 hrs our curators will perform the review and if eligible the song will be placed on the playlist which best fits. Once this is done you will receive the confirmation email along with the playlist link.

Do you guarantee Discover Weekly Placement?

No, we don’t guarantee that our service will get you into Spotify’s editorial list or weekly discovery. Several of our users have gained access to Spotify’s algorithmic/editorial playlists by using our services. So our service had an impact on Spotify’s algorithm. This algorithm takes into account numerous factors such as song quality, lyrics, length, location, and so on.

How can I contact someone at Musiquesolutions?

We are available via chat and email.


Musique Solutions are laser focused on helping artists discover the extend their music can go! We work hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers thereby introducing them to a huge and a whole new audience who are waiting to listen to their songs.

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