March 2, 2021 Musique Solutions

Below are steps to find your Spotify URI using the Spotify desktop App on your computer. You cannot get the URI from the mobile App.

1)  For Artists, Go to your song in the Spotify desktop app. For Curators, go to the playlist in the Spotify desktop app.

2)  Click the three little dots to the right of your song.

3)  Click “share”, then”Copy Spotify URI”.

Refer image to help.

Your song must be released and live on Spotify before the morning of your campaign start date or earlier. This means the earliest date you should select is the day of your release.

Please note, if your song is not live on Spotify, you will not be able to set your Spotify Track during the campaign setup. This means you will need to update your campaign with the Spotify track link once your song is published.


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