How to identify Spotify fake streams

September 24, 2022
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September 24, 2022 Musique Solutions

We all see Guarantees like this:

“10-30k Guaranteed plays on 5 Playlists for $75 – Grow Your Audience Music Career?”

If you message these guys, they will offer you a slew of screen shots/paid testimonials from delighted clients, some of whom will be extremely popular with 100k+ or 200k+ playlist followers.

Some might be successful, but most will only have ‘bot clout.’

Where people are listening – Cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Buffalo, Phoenix, London, and Frankfurt are all major datacenters where botters can purchase a large number of IP addresses to conduct phony activities. Unless they are a local musician, no one receives more than 10% of their listeners from Buffalo or Dallas. As a result, achieving a rate of above 10% from that cities is simply unachievable.

Additionally, if you’re thinking, “Meh, I’ll do it anyhow for the clout,” doing so will cause others to listen and follow because I’ll appear successful. Consider to be the fool oneself. Because Spotify has and will continue to clamp down on bot play.You do not want their visible or invisible ban hammer to come down upon you.

“60% of our clients have a history of receiving fake streams from  Leading Music Promotion Providers.”

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